I-35 Leather

In the spring of 2017, my best friend came to visit and I noticed that the passport pouch was coming apart. The fabric was very thin and machine stitching was ripping at the seams. We talked about making a leather pouch from leather that might last longer. We made an investment in a small leather kit and some leather. Looking back, it was very bold of me to consider making a leather pouch considering I had only seen a few videos and never worked with leather. However, it just felt comfortable working with leather and the challenge of crafting the design. A few weeks later the leather pouch was finally finished. That pouch eventually led to more projects with more knowledge and experience gained from each work. That moment was the birth of I-35 Leather. Years later the pouch is still holding up well.

I-35 Leather is a Texas online company. All our products are crafted and stitched by hand. We love featuring the natural character of the leather to accentuate the design of the product and as a result making a one-of-a-kind product. The beautiful thing about leather is that with proper care, our leather products will patina, age and last a lifetime. Please know that we take pride in making all our products efficient in design and we pay very close attention to detail to offer the best handcrafted leather goods possible. We know you will enjoy our catalog of crafted leather goods and welcome to the I-35 Leather family!

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